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Gynecologic Care in Littleton and Englewood

Gynecologic care is the cornerstone of women’s healthcare for women who are sexually active or over the age of 18. Routine gynecologic care consists of regular pelvic exams, contraceptive counseling, breast exams, and other female-centric care. At All About Women’s Care, we believe our patients are best served when catered with high-quality care in a comfortable, caring environment. We want you to understand your body and enjoy vibrant health throughout your life, which is why we take the time with our patients to fully educate them about the women’s health options available and best practices for maintaining your health.

Our Gynecology Services

Our OB/GYN services in Littleton, CO, and Englewood, CO, are centered on providing preventive care and aiding you with understanding your health and wellness as a woman. That means conducting regular pelvic and breast exams, providing education about contraception and periods, and assisting you with any other issues that may arise. Our gynecological services include:

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Comprehensive Gynecological Exams

Gynecological exams, also called pelvic exams, are a key element of routine women’s wellness care. During a gynecological exam, we examine your vulva and reproductive organs, checking for any potential issues and likely performing a Pap test.

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Pap Tests

Pap tests, also called Pap smears, are used to find cell changes caused by HPV. Pap tests are typically a part of routine gynecological exams, involving a small swab of your cervix to send in for testing. This testing is important for detecting HPV and starting treatment, if necessary.


Whether you’re considering going on contraception for the first time, you want to switch from your current contraceptive, or you want to stop using contraception to try to get pregnant, our team of skilled providers at All About Women’s Care can provide you the education and prescriptions you need to best care for yourself. Contraceptives can have significantly different impacts for different individuals depending on how they respond to certain hormones. Our all-female team will help you determine the best contraceptive for you, making adjustments as needed throughout your course of care.

Heavy Period and PMS Treatments

Many women deal with severe symptoms from premenstrual syndrome and their periods, including mood swings, severe cramping, heavy bleeding, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), and other issues. Our clinic understands these issues and can provide treatments to alleviate them, improving your comfort and overall health.

STD Tests and Treatments

Testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infections is a key aspect of routine gynecological care. We perform routine STD and STI testing for women who are sexually active to prevent any issues early and provide treatment options.

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Breast Health Services

In addition to pelvic exams and reproductive health, breast health is a key element of women’s healthcare. Our breast health services include teaching you to perform proper self-exams at home to detect any changes or lumps in your breasts. We also provide mammograms and in-office exams to detect any problems early on.

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Ovarian Cyst Treatment

If we find an ovarian cyst during a pelvic exam or in the course of other treatment, we may need to perform further testing or start a course of treatment. Sometimes the cyst goes away by itself; other times, surgery is necessary or medication is recommended to prevent cysts from recurring.

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Emergency Services

If you’re dealing with an emergency health issue or severe health concern, our team is always here to help. We’re available 24/7, providing assistance and immediate treatment in the event of abnormal bleeding, vaginal infections, pelvic pain, or other potentially serious issues

Menopause and HRT

Reproductive hormones naturally decline with age. All About Women's Care is here to provide symptom management and treatment for patients during this time. HRT (hormone replacement therapy), also known as menopausal hormone therapy or postmenopausal hormone therapy, is a form of hormone therapy which is used to treat symptoms associated with menopause in women.

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