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Childbirth Education

Pregnancy & Childbirth

From preconception counseling to postpartum care, Our team is committed to making your pregnancy as comfortable and healthy as possible. Nearly 50% of our practice deals with pregnancy-related issues, and Dr. Peck, Dr. Ekberg, Dr. Germer, Jayne, and Anne deliver most of their patient's babies themselves.

Our practice is focused on patient education. Patients are encouraged to participate in making decisions about their birthing plan and overall healthcare.

We provide up-to-date testing and healthcare options, including ultrasound and genetic evaluation and screening. Our staff helps women who have problems conceiving by dealing with fertility issues. We care for women with high-risk pregnancy issues including diabetes, high blood pressure, and complex medical problems.

Our pregnancy care package includes:

• All prenatal visits
• Provider fees for delivery
• A six-week postpartum visit

The following services incur additional fees:

• Laboratory work
• Hospital services
• Circumcisions
• Anesthesia
• Ultrasounds

What to expect
Early in your pregnancy, our office reviews your medical history and performs prenatal testing to identify risks. We'll screen for genetic abnormalities, gestational diabetes, STDs and other potential problems. You'll receive information on vitamins, nutrition, and other topics. With appropriate treatment, we do our best to ensure your pregnancy is healthy despite any risks that may be found.

Some women experience nausea, vomiting, fatigue, breast tenderness, and/or mild pelvic cramping early in pregnancy. If symptoms are severe, call your doctor. Our office ensures that a doctor is available to our patients 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

At 20 weeks, we recommend an ultrasound to view the baby' s anatomy and determine the sex. (If you prefer, we'll keep the baby's gender a secret until you deliver.)

As pregnancy goes on, you may experience some of these symptoms:

• back pain
• swelling
• sciatic pain
• indigestion
• sleep disorders
• food cravings
• increased appetite
• changes in sexual desire
• breast discharge
• increased vaginal discharge
• headaches

Expect your pregnancy to go a full 40 weeks. If you do not know your due date, please contact your doctor for an estimated due date. Elective induction (induced labor) can be done at 41 weeks.

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